Why should I buy a membership?

At MHETA we are always seeking new members! Here are the top 10 reasons why you should become a member! 

1. Members are offered a plethora of Professional Development opportunities throughout the year. These include information on SAGE, after school get togethers and weekend workshops with some of the Pro's in our areas! Some previous events included ...

  • Jenny's Dresses by Agnus

  • Sewing with Knits with Jan Bones

  • Spa Night with Canola Growers

  • Beds for Mutts with Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue

2. MHETA Members receive updates via email and blog posts about new and exciting trends, conferences, and general information about Home Economics.

3. MHETA Members stay connected and development professional relationships with other members of the Home Ec community. This is a great resource for new grads who are looking to network! 

4. MHETA Members are part of a synergistic team working towards common goals. We help support each other, support HEc programs and create lobbying groups to promote the importance of our programs.

5. MHETA Members have a leg up on hot HEc topics/trends/news, locally and globally. 

  • Bringing HEc back in Japan's education system

  • Dismantling of the UofM program

6. MHETA Members receive a reduced conference fee at both SAGE and Spring PD Conferences

7. Becoming a MHETA Member allows you to have a voice that matters. 

  • Share your knowledge by contributing articles to the MHETA blog

  • Facilitating or leading workshops at PD events like SAGE or MHETA's Spring PD event

8. MHETA Members have access to the digital resource bank. It is made up of resources created by MB teachers as well as helpful links to public content.

9. MHETA Members have full access to the MHETA.ca website. The website is a great hub to connect and share with other teachers from around the province!

10. Becoming a MHETA member provides you with the fulfilment of a professional development growth goal!

// Memberships \\ 

Full Membership     $40

Post Secondary Student Membership     $20

Associate, Retiree or E.A. Membership     $20